Represent, Educate & Transform!

Allow me to address with you the fundamental reasons that I’m doing this.  I firmly believe that we have some work to do in the Spotsylvania School System.  During my campaign, the goal will be to address five (5) components of OUR collective agenda. Going forward... WE are a team:

Please allow me to establish the foundation at this time. You may wish to know exactly what I mean by Represent, Educate & Transform?

  1. WHAT: Our primary focus must be student/classroom excellence.
  2. WHY: Our love for children! Historically we have not effectively produced #1 world-rated students.
  3. HOW: I will focus on student excellence, but always be respectful to you, the taxpayers.
  4. WHEN: I will be on the job, for you and your family - I will be there for you.
  5. WHERE: I will establish a non-adversarial relationship with the Board of Supervisors.

Ultimately, I believe that WE are in a position to Represent, Educate & Transform!

See! This is what we must identify:

  • The mission and why I am asking you to partner with me.
  • The underlying and essential improvements that need to be made within the Spotsylvania School

As a longtime resident of Spotsylvania, I am motivated by liberty, which is reflective of responsibility, coupled with the desire to bring both my education and experience to the Spotsylvania School Board.  With your support, I aim to efficiently encourage changes in classroom excellence that meets the needs of and establishes the proper metrics for all students.

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